Catering in New York City – Chopping Block

Catering in New York City – Chopping Block

Awesome Sandwich NYC Chopping Block financial district NY

Getting catering in the financial district, NYC may be harder than it sounds. Here in FiDi, we’re on the tip of the island. It doesn’t help that this everybody in the neighborhood is in a hurry. Most restaurants in the area are about fast paced, mass produced food, and most of them do not offer catering. Even if they do, would you want catering from Subway? BonChon Chicken?

We first discovered Chopping Block by chance, and just walking by. There wasn’t any bright lights or big signage, just a decal on the door. However, they were packed for lunch with a line going almost out the door. I am drawn to big lines, not bright lights, and ordered the Roast Beast sandwich. The Roast Beast sandwich which includes roast beef that is roasted to a medium pink (top round) and cut in-house, fresh grated horseradish root dressing, cheddar cheese, tomato, cilantro, and pickled red onion. This sandwich was amazing and completely different from the usual roast beef sandwiches. It was a hot sandwich, which I enjoy, between two slices of hot pressed focaccia. It also came with free stove-top popped popcorn. The popcorn itself was interesting, as it wasn’t microwaved popcorn, and it wasn’t buttery. It was spiced and tastes different. I couldn’t really tell what it was, but it was good. This restaurant has brought quality food to the financial district.

After eating here several times, and even trying out their vegetarian sandwich, I had to share the experience with the rest of my office. We ordered catering several days later for 3 days in a row. The communication with Chopping Block was as easy as ever. They were very informative and helpful. Billing was also easy, and done online. The office went ballistic, they loved the food! Now they won’t stop talking about it and we’re getting orders in on a daily basis (not on company expense, thankfully).

If you’re looking for catering in NYC or in FiDi, Chopping Block is the place to go. The food is superb and the recipes are unique and delicious.